Nord Fisher 150 18 Months on
I wanted a good all round boat to get me out fishing around the coast, looked at new / second hand but could not find anything I liked. Then in early November 2008 I found a web site advertising the Nord Fisher 150, looked at the build pictures showed what looked like a solid and well designed little boat which turned out to be “exactly what it said on the tin“.
I contacted the Builder and visited his work shop and that’s when I met the designer and builder Phil, within minutes I could tell that he was dedicated to Boating in general, after looking at one of his boats under construction I placed an order. The delivery date set for 24 Dec 08 what a Christmas present I was like a child waiting for his new Bike from Santa.
Well after a sea trial in one of the completed boats which was destined for another owner on a bleak November day in Belfast Lough( she handled perfectly in quite messy seas) and several visits to check on the build progress the day finally came for delivery.
I met Phil who personally delivered my new pride and joy at Carrickfergus slip and we launched my little baby. During the winter months of Jan, Feb, March, April I was out fishing most weekends and rapidly gained confidence in the capabilities of this cracking little boat. I knew from then that if I enjoyed this boat in winter then I was going to have even better fun come the summer.
Just a quick note ‘WINTERISATION’ what’s all that all about? fair weather sailors ha, I had some cracking days out during the winter months, this boat is for all year use not to be wrapped up in cotton wool for 6 months.
Speeding back some nights on a flat sea she just skated across the glass like sea at a respectable 30knt, the Suzuki 50hp humming quietly in the background

Safely Home
One day I ventured out around the Antrim coast to Port Muck, a round trip of 20 miles, on the way out the weather was perfect ( and I caught some bloody good Pollack). Then mid afternoon a very strong squall blew up from nowhere, white horses and very big waves came from nowhere, so heading back hugging the coast this little boat looked after me well, and got me back to the marina safe and sound ( you have to have a scare now and then helps keep the blood flowing) my respect and confidence in this boat grew four fold.
Well that’s about it if anyone wants a good safe well built day fisher this is the one for you, easy trailed, launched and recovered single handed, have fun and remember be safe the sea needs a great deal of respect.
Phil thanks for all your help and keep up the good work I know your passion will go a long way, can’t wait to see the new Nord Fisher 17ft & 19.5 Ft
Please check out some pictures of happy days out in the Irish sea Fishing

Cheers Phil
Brian Allen